What The Teaching Practice Offers:

What the teaching practice offers: A training in music for adults and young people where first-class individual instrumental piano and music theory tuition is given. An integrated music curriculum comprising musicianship training, aural development (ear training) and theoretical studies. To encourage students with opportunities for wider music study, informing not only their instrumental piano training, but giving them a range of options for future development in music, should this be required. To provide a friendly and interesting atmosphere in which to study music; learning music can be fun as well as serious. Parents of children the chance to remain in lessons and stay with their child. There is seating in the teaching studio for just one adult; this can encourage a child and allow a parent to observe tuition in progress. Some parents, however, may wish to leave their child … read more »

Studio Music Tuition

Face-to-face piano and music theory tuition is given for adults, children, beginner, advanced in the tutor’s dedicated teaching studio using the tutor’s piano. A parent or guardian is welcome to stay with a young person throughout tuition sessions as there is seating for just one accompanying adult. If you are interested in receiving an introductory lesson in the teaching studio or a series of studio lessons, please get in touch for details and to arrange the same. All genuine enquiries are welcome and the tutor is always here to help students develop their musical interests, abilities and pathways. Encouraging a student’s individual musical personality to emerge. Concentration – Involvement – Fun – Enjoyment – Enthusiasm – Satisfaction Dr Michael Spacie

Online Music Tuition

Online remote one-to-one tuition by video call is offered for piano and music theory which presents a different way of teaching lessons which can be rewarding and helpful in learning music. The tutor is well able in teaching remotely both with practical piano work and theoretical study through the use of music theory charts and presentations. Tuition by online remote connective technology is delivered from the teaching studio and can be arranged for adult students or with a parent or guardian in respect of a minor. Piano and music theory tuition of all standards are successfully taught online as the testimonials which have been emailed to me indicate on the ‘Online Testimonials’ page of this website. I enjoy teaching online and this continues to be successful and musically enriching. Students who have lessons by video call have indicated progress, satisfaction … read more »

Dr Michael Spacie’s SoundCloud Page

The link at the foot of this page will take you to the SoundCloud page of Dr Michael Spacie. (There is also a link at the foot of each of the pages of this website.) Dr Michael Spacie has recorded some organ music in various styles to suit most musical tastes, interests and persuasions – all of which can be heard in the Cloud on the link below. Michael can lift over-familiar music off the page and create real energy, characterisation and vibrancy with enthusiasm with lots of admirable and delightfully surprising musical moments; moreover, he simply enjoys playing. Michael has also recorded some piano music using the piano in his home teaching studio. Each item digitally recorded, both organ and piano, was done in one ‘take’ without any technological tweaking per se. Playing the organ is really great for … read more »