It has been said that wives are indispensable. In my case I thoroughly agree! My wife shares in some of the office work of the teaching practice when her time allows; sometimes being the person that you speak to over the telephone. She is also great at organising and making sure everything is done on time and in helping in the general smooth running of the teaching practice schedule. Moreover, and importantly, she is the constant source of support, encouragement and refreshment that enables me to give quality time to others. She also happens to be my best friend and soul-mate as well as my wife. I asked her: ‘What is it like to be the wife of a Private Music Tutor?’ Below is her account.

Dr Michael Spacie

What is it like to be the wife of a Private Music Tutor?

“I went to Mike for piano lessons and met him hoping to take up learning to play the piano but we both happened to be eligible and were in a relationship with each other in less than a month! Actually at the piano, I can only remember getting as far as Middle C! Fortunately at the time Mike had got his business fairly well established, so I knew pretty much what I was taking on. After first meeting Mike in January 1992 and moving house together in December 2000, we decided to have a secret elopement to Gretna Green in November 2005 for a civil marriage ceremony over the anvil and a civil blessing of marriage over the anvil and I found myself being called Mrs Spacie! Furthermore, Gretna Green is a great romantic venue and the civil ceremonies were both wonderful and meaningful in spite of it being a cold and very blustery November day in Scotland!

When you run your own business, to make it work and be successful you have to be 100% dedicated and with no ‘contract hours of employment’ it is easy to ‘overdo it’ and allow a business to subsume your leisure time. The hours Mike works i.e. afternoons and evenings and the constant business administration and teaching preparation outside these hours are restricting to say the least, along with his professional pursuits and musical interests have, for me, involved a certain sense of isolation but never ever detachment. Mike and I are very close as a couple – he’s lovely!

Although Mike is always doing something for someone, he is always there for me and I consider myself greatly enriched and very fortunate and fulfilled to have married someone who has a wonderful gift of real natural ability to love, both physically and emotionally.

Mike is always very caring, considerate and well-balanced and is great to have around 24/7. I really enjoy supporting Mike in his successful life as a musician and music tutor.”

(“Oh, by the way Mike; thought I’d just remind you – I’m still waiting for those piano lessons!”)

Mrs Sandra Spacie