I enjoy and am interested in performing arts and would like to pursue them for a future career. I wanted to improve my voice and gain some musical qualifications before starting Further Education. From the first lesson I knew Michael was the right teacher for me, and that he would help improve my voice and give me the opportunity to gain the qualifications I need.

Michael is an extremely talented, relaxed, caring and hard working teacher. In his lessons he pushes and helps me reach my fullest potential, but still manages to keep his lesson calm and enjoyable. When working towards exams he makes me try a range of different musical pieces, he also tells me which ones sound the best and encourages me to sing something different that I may not be used to. He will also cover more than the required amount of songs for that grade, to offer me a wider choice and to make sure I am properly qualified for that grade level instead of only being able to sing selected songs, which I believe to be important.

 After a short amount of time having lessons with Michael I noticed strong improvements in my voice and musical theory knowledge. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for a private singing teacher, as he is excellent.

I have achieved Grade 5 Practical Solo Singing exam with 93 marks out of 100 and also Grade 3 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam with 98 marks gaining a Distinction.

I then went on to achieve Grade 5 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam with 91 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction and Grade 7 Practical Solo Singing exam with 92 marks out of 100.

I have also achieved Trinity College London Grade 6 Theory of Music exam with 95 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction.

I would also recommend Michael as a teacher as he works very hard and will help and support a student throughout their learning. He works at their pace and makes sure a student understands his teaching. He is an all-round brilliant private music teacher.

Hannah West (Student)


I have always had a passion for singing. Many years ago I was part of the school choir and enjoyed every minute of the practice sessions and our performances, however I was always too shy to sing solo. More recently I only sung alone in the car and although I often thought about finding a singing tutor, the confidence and fear of failure always escaped me.

I contacted Mike after a couple of bad experiences with other tutors and we arranged an introductory lesson. Mike is very professional and his drive, talent and passion for music have with each lesson gradually increased my confidence and self-belief.

Although I am unable to read music, Mike has been patient and supportive and has already taught me a number of singing techniques.

From the moment I spoke to Mike he was warm and approachable and I immediately felt at ease with him. I am starting to appreciate my singing voice and I always leave our sessions feeling lifted and look forward to our next lesson.

My advice to those looking for a tutor is not to let the fear of failure stop you, it is never too late and you can only succeed with Mike as your tutor.

Marie Noble-Worthington (Financial Services)

I have been having lessons for several months now, and enjoy them thoroughly. As expected I felt extremely nervous on my first lesson but this was quickly replaced by the enjoyment of the singing tuition, and Mike’s outstanding ability as a tutor was clear. It is also clear from Mike’s ability at teaching and piano accompaniment that all aspects of his tuition with singing, piano, and music theory are as natural as breathing.

For anyone wishing to undertake singing, piano or music theory lessons, I would definitely recommend him!

Tom Evans (Ophthalmic Science Practitioner)

Having sung in several different choirs over many years I felt perhaps I was too old to have singing lessons. I have been told in the past that I have a pleasant singing voice but only once since becoming an adult have I been brave enough to sing a solo, and that was because I was asked to sing a part whilst another person was away. This, however, turned out to be a sort of ‘audition’ without me realising it, otherwise my nerves would have got the better of me! Lacking in confidence in my ability as a singer has prevented me from putting myself forward for anything other than choral singing.

I have often considered singing lessons but never actually done anything about it. As a lady of quite mature years and also a full time Carer for my daughter I believed I had left it too late. However, I plucked up the courage to look on the internet for a singing teacher within a reasonable distance of my home and found the website for Michael Spacie. I ‘phoned and left a very nervous message, but still wasn’t sure, but Michael called me back and immediately put me at ease. We agreed on an introductory lesson and Michael gave a very constructive feedback, building my confidence even after that one meeting. I continued with tuition and have since gained a great deal of knowledge about breathing technique, vocal exercises, finding my own voice range and of course the enjoyment that comes from singing. I am now able to consolidate all the above and look forward with pleasure to each singing lesson.

Because of the supportive way Michael teaches and his ability to put students at their ease, my previous fears were unfounded, and I have achieved both Grade 5 Practical Solo Singing exam with 94 marks out of 100 and Grade 7 Practical Solo Singing Exam gaining 85 marks out of 100. I have also achieved 118 marks out of 150 for a first level performance diploma in solo singing.

I have proved to myself that if you truly want to achieve something then it is never too late. I just wish I had done it years ago!

Mandy R. (Retired Civil Servant)

When I first started singing lessons with Mike, I had little confidence with hitting the ‘high notes’ so to speak. After several lessons my confidence had grown remarkably and with the intricate technical tutelage I was able to reach notes I never dreamed I would!

Mike’s wonderful enthusiasm and passion for music is a great inspiration to work hard and achieve one’s best. His enthusiasm and energy is present in all sessions and his excellent tutelage achieves the best in oneself; highly recommended.

Dr Toni Lemm (Dental Surgeon)

Even only after a couple of months of having lessons with Mike, I could see a massive improvement in my voice. He has helped me with breathing, pitch and tone among other things. I really enjoy my lessons because Mike is a great guy and he is really easy to get on with.

With Mike’s help I know I can achieve my goals of being a successful performer.

I am a guitarist and rock singer in a local band so at first I was a little bit unsure if it was the right move having classical style lessons but Mike certainly helped me to improve every aspect of my voice. He helped me develop the tone of my voice as well as working on different techniques for breathing correctly. His vast knowledge and experience have guided me to be confident in reading and understanding music too.

He is a very patient tutor and an all-round great guy with a very friendly and welcoming nature. I look forward to each lesson as I’m inspired to continue progressing to the very highest level! I couldn’t recommend Mike enough!

Achievements under the tutelage of Mike include: Grade 3 practical Solo Singing exam with 92 marks out of 100; Grade 5 practical Solo Singing exam with 92 marks out of 100; Grade 7 practical Solo Singing exam with 79 marks out of 100 sat in July 2016; Solo Singing medal exam with 86 marks out of 100 sat in July 2017.

James Drown (Musician)

After a year of lessons I achieved a piano practical exam. I expressed an interest in singing and Mike suggested trying a singing lesson. I thought this was a great idea as I’ve always wanted to be able to sing as well as play piano!

My first singing lesson went very well and Mike took me through the basic stages of singing technique including some vocal exercises.

As with my piano lessons, Mike is very patient, relaxed and helps me achieve my full potential with singing. The lessons are really enjoyable as Mike not only teaches the knowledge you need but ensures the songs and repertoire are varied and all the while pushing my abilities to a higher standard than I ever thought I could reach!

Being a working Mum with two children, I sometimes get very little time to practice but Mike is totally understanding of this and just encourages me to practice whenever I get the opportunity. His encouragement is to enjoy singing or playing the piano at your own pace with steady but real and lasting progress.

Even after only a few lessons, I begun to notice a great improvement in my voice and tone and I know how to ‘breathe’ properly while singing and to ‘place the voice’ with projection and appropriate resonance etc.
Mike is an extremely talented, patient, caring and knowledgeable teacher who is very committed to helping every student achieve their dreams and ambitions. Not only that, but to also just enjoy their musical abilities to the full!

Nicola Jenkinson (Clerical Assistant)

I started singing lessons from the age of sixteen and continued for several years, but unfortunately I couldn’t carry on due to work commitments. I later decided to find a singing teacher on the internet and found Dr. Spacie’s website which was very easy to navigate and very informative. I immediately rang Mike to discuss potential lessons and what I would like to achieve. I found Mike to be very easy to talk to and vastly knowledgeable; he is also very flexible with regard to the time and dates of lessons. I believe that Mike will definitely be able to help me achieve my goals within singing.

I have achieved Grade 3 Practical Solo Singing exam gaining 92 marks out of 100. I have also achieved Grade 3 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam with 98 marks gaining a Distinction and in addition Grade 4 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam with 90 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction.

Chris Carlton (Clinical Support Worker)

Since being a child I’ve always had a passion for singing and knew I wanted to make a career of it. I’ve fortunately been able to do that and have now taught music theatre for over 10 years. I came to Mike wanting to expand my vocal knowledge within classical singing. I wanted something “just for me” that I would enjoy and look forward to every week.

I one hundred per cent chose the right tutor. Mike has exceptional knowledge of singing and in such a short space of time I’ve learned so much and seen a massive improvement within my own voice. I cannot recommend him enough.

In May 2019, under Mike’s tutelage, I passed Trinity College London Grade 5 Theory of Music exam with distinction gaining 95 marks out of 100. I am now studying with Mike the higher grades in music theory.

Rebecca Elliott (Music Theatre Teacher: Theatre School Principal)

I was teaching myself piano at home to accompany my singing when my dad suggested taking piano lessons. I started my lessons in March 2011. I was very nervous but Mike put me at ease and is a patient teacher. After a few weeks I decided to start singing lessons as well. I have always enjoyed singing but I have never been very confident. Mike is very encouraging: he believes in my singing ability and has given me more confidence.

Achievements under the tutelage of Mike include: Grade 5 Solo Singing exam 81 marks out of 100; Grade 3 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam 99 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction; Grade 5 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam 90 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction; Grade 6 Trinity College London Theory of Music exam 93 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction; Grade 7 Solo Singing exam 94 marks out of 100 sat in July 2016; Grade 8 Solo Singing exam 138 marks out of 150 sat in July 2017.

Zoe Leaver (Musician)

As a complete surprise my wife arranged a series of singing lessons for me. From the first minute of the first lesson with Dr. Spacie I realized what I had been missing. Michael is brilliant at making you feel relaxed from the start, in helping you discover the fun of singing and in helping you to develop the full potential of your voice. I should have done this years ago.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael over what has been a long period of time. I am very grateful to him for providing me with the opportunity to re-connect with music. When I started my lessons I stated that I didn’t want to do exams but he quietly guided in that direction and I value what he helped me to achieve very highly indeed. [Grade 8 Solo Singing exam and first level Solo Singing Performance Diploma exam as well as other music examinations both practical and theory.] I suspect that without those goals my interest would have drifted which would have been a great shame.

All the very best, good luck and thank you.

Trevor S. (Company Managing Director)

I have always wanted to sing properly with some form of discipline and technique rather than the short impromptu wailing moments in the car or around the kitchen. I knew I enjoyed singing from my school days in the choir and my GCSE in music but I wanted to develop my vocal skills further and my confidence to sing with it. Having looked through Mike’s website and reading other students’ genuine testimonials, I felf encouraged to contact Mike for lessons.

Every lesson, Mike has guided my voice through each piece of music introducing breathing and tuning techniques. I am often corrected on my Yorkshire pronunciation when singing but as Mike gently reminds me, a universal language for vowel work in singing must be adhered to! I feel very held and supported in Mike’s lessons with his expert suggestions and ideas to improve my tone and clarity of voice. We often trial out different musical methods to find the simplest and most effective way of producing music. I can’t quite believe it is my voice I am hearing!

From these lessons, and I am singing for joy and only joy, I have learnt to use my voice and my brain in a totally different mode. This is what music does for you. It releases stress, guides you through emotion and rewires your little grey cells. I’d recommend Mike’s lessons to anyone.

The magic of Music is just beyond his door.

Rachel Dawson (Dramatherapist and Drama Teacher)

I have been taking singing lessons from Dr. Spacie for a while now and I look forward to my lessons and although they last for an hour, it is fun and the time seems to pass so quickly. Dr. Spacie is very kind and patient and he is disciplined in how I learn. He is a very good teacher. I enjoy singing and practising at home afterwards.

I have been successful with my Grade 1 Practical Solo Singing exam gaining 93 marks out of 100. I have also achieved Grade 1 London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London) Theory of Music exam with 96 marks out of 100 gaining a Distinction and also Grade 3 Practical Solo Singing exam gaining 91 marks out of 100.

Mia Singh V. (Student)

The first indication of my love of singing was from the age of 3 when I would apparently entertain the local community as I swung on my garden swing – singing at the top of my voice!

I was lucky enough to attend Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol which had an excellent music department. I sang in all the choirs and enjoyed this immensely even singing a duet at our annual concert held at the prestigious Colston Hall in Bristol.

I have had vocal training, off and on, from the age of 14. I have joined numerous choirs over the years and am presently in two and have sung solos at various functions.

I absolutely love singing, enjoy all genres of music and learning new works. I am studying with Mike and am attempting to get to grips with some more challenging pieces in preparation for an exam. Not bad for a ‘not so young girl’ – I would have expected a decline in my vocal ability but find my range and tone have been enhanced due to Mike’s tuition. I may not own a garden swing now but I still enjoy entertaining the local community….!

Achievements under the tutelage of Dr Michael Spacie include: 94 marks out of 100 for Grade 7 practical Solo Singing exam and 94 marks out of 100 for a Solo Singing Medal exam, both sat in July 2016. Also, 140 marks out of 150 for Grade 8 practical Solo Singing exam sat in July 2017 of which I achieved full marks for the aural tests.

I’ve had an amazing time learning singing techniques with Mike and achieved what I never thought possible.

Iris H. (Retired Senior Physiotherapist)

I originally had piano tuition with Mike some years ago. I went on to study for a BPA(Hons) degree at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and thus, sadly unable to keep attending my lessons. As a performer, I decided to pluck up the courage and arrange singing lessons.

I did not hesitate to get back in touch with Mike as I knew instantly that he would teach me correctly; having fantastic patience and making you feel very relaxed and welcome. I had some singing lessons throughout my performance training but I can honestly say Mike taught me more in just one lesson than all the lessons combined that I have had before.
Mike is always professional and his talent and passion for music always show.

I have achieved Grade 3 Practical Solo Singing exam with Mike in 2012 gaining 87 marks out of 100 and also in the past whilst studying with Mike, Grade 3 Trinity College London Theory of Music in the year 2000 gaining a Distinction. In addition I have been successful with my Grade 5 Practical Solo Singing exam with Mike in 2013 gaining 76 marks out of 100.

Roxanne Bottrill (Dance Artist/Teacher/Student)

Several years ago I had a neck manipulation which led to a brain injury through a stem stroke which radically changed the life I now live. My determination for rehabilitation has made me pursue many challenges relearning old skills and learning new ones; not all have been successful, but still rewarding. I have some difficulties with concentration, sound, breath control when fatigued and coordination. My love of music has always helped me to switch off and relax.

I contacted Michael and spoke at length with Sandra his wife. I explained about my brain injury and desire to get better control of concentration, coordination, sound and breath control, having dismissed several things including meditation. Michael contacted me and we discussed my love of music and how it stimulated my thoughts and suggested a trial lesson. Having gained Grade 2 theory 47 years earlier as a child, I felt I could still follow music, so I went along.

I was immediately at ease in the studio, when I became confused we discussed other approaches. I was encouraged to relax and follow the music. I did and the hour flew by. Michael said my difficulties could be worked around, I had the beginnings of a pleasing voice and would I like to continue with lessons. I agreed and couldn’t believe I was singing, a complete novice.

I found Mike’s style of teaching to be a calm and quiet efficient manner, one in which he draws notes out of me that I was unaware of; the technical commentary along with visual expression encourages and does not intimidate: a great confidence builder. By the end of lesson two, Michael was happy to continue teaching me. I look forward to progressing further in my new and very pleasurable hobby.

After receiving tuition from Michael, I gained sufficient confidence to join a choir. For Remembrancetide in 2017, I sang with the soprano section of a ninety voice choir which included seven pieces in Latin. For once, I impressed myself. Without Michael’s expert tutelage, I would never have tried, let alone believed I could ‘hold my own’ at such an important emotional event. I will continue my wonderful, therapeutic, life enriching hobby.

Under Michael’s tutelage, I have passed Grades 3 and 5 in solo singing with a very high mark and also the following music theory exams of Trinity College London:-

May 2016: Grade 3 passed with distinction gaining 97 marks out of 100; Nov. 2016: Grade 4 passed with distinction gaining 90 marks out of 100; Nov. 2017: Grade 5 passed with distinction gaining 95 marks out of 100; May 2019: Grade 6 passed with merit gaining 82 marks out of 100.

Understanding – Flexible – Patient – Supreme Knowledge and Ability.

Megan Holroyd (Retired Technical Manager for Corporate Clothing)

First Testimonial:- I last sang ‘properly’ in the school choir over 40 years ago and as retirement approached I decided that choral singing is something I would really like to do again. I had been attending the rehearsals of a large choral society, but kept putting off auditioning for full membership because the thought of singing on my own in front of anyone, and particularly sight reading, filled me with terror. I found Mike when searching the web for sight reading lessons, and he has been brilliant at patiently encouraging me, boosting my confidence, and teaching me basic vocal techniques. I really look forward to my lessons with Mike, and feel that I am making progress every time. The lessons are fun but rigorous, underpinned by Mike’s wealth of musical knowledge. Recently I passed the sight reading test for the choral society! Although I was still very nervous, I know that I would never have got to that point without Mike’s teaching.

Second Testimonial:- I started off having singing/sight reading lessons with Mike, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which made me far more confident. I am now taking music theory lessons, and feel I am making good progress – thanks to Mike’s patience and expertise. He is able to explain quite complex issues very clearly, and also gives you additional information which makes music theory really interesting. Lessons with Mike are fun, and I always come away feeling I have learnt a lot.

Professor Sarah Blandy (Professor of Law: University of Sheffield)