Dr Michael Spacie teaches all levels from absolute beginner to diploma standard in his modern dedicated soundproofed teaching studio. Michael has been teaching since 1986. He has 36 years experience in teaching music privately on a one-to-one basis and is highly qualified and professional, but also a very extensively qualified musician holding, as well as other qualifications in music, five Licentiate Piano Performance Diplomas awarded by the major accredited leading UK based examination boards:- LRSM Piano Performance Diploma: Licentiate of The Royal Schools of Music; LTCL Piano Recital Diploma and LTCL Piano Recital Diploma: Licentiate of Trinity College London; LLCM Piano Recital Diploma and LLCM Piano Performance Diploma: Licentiate of The London College of Music at the The University of West London.

The above Licentiateships are advanced diploma qualifications in professional piano performance that are valued and respected with recognition of expertise and competence within the music profession, other professions, and also the wider public in general. Performance Licentiateships from major accredited leading UK based examination boards are highly focused qualifications demanding excellent standards and are not broad-based or generalist as many music qualifications are nowadays. They are altogether something different – an appealing challenge to high-level traditional musical skill and are worthy of note.

RSM, TCL and LCM performance diploma examinations are known and recognised throughout the world. They are accredited by Ofqual in England and its respective partners in Wales and Northern Ireland. They are also international examination boards. Holders of RSM, TCL and LCM peformance diploma examinations are entitled to use the respective post-nominal letters after their name.

The LRSM is one of the most prestigious piano performance diplomas in the world and is highly challenging even for the musically able and gifted. For those who do achieve it, the qualification is solid evidence of a musician’s performance capability and musical ability as well as their communication ability both musical and verbal articulacy. The LRSM examiners who were estimable people in the world of classical music wrote: “There was a sense of forward direction through the phrases……The articulation gave focus to the interpretation……Rhythmic energy was sustained……Intricate passages had momentum and direction……Nimble fingerwork was evident……Cheerful in approach as a result of the sprightly articulation and crisp embellishments……The articulation had much focus and you conveyed much of the momentum in the intricate passages……The natural ebb and flow was apparent……Persuasive rubato and tempo changes……Colours were quite pertinent and the singing qualities were conveyed……Technical challenges were controlled in all the pieces.”

The LTCL is highly recognised throughout the world. The first LTCL Piano Recital Diploma examination attracted such comments from the examiners as: “There was a high level of technical security……The whole was expressively played, with an awareness of appropriate style……A deeply emotional presentation of the material……A stylish account……There was an impressive range of tone colours and much mature rubato and phrase shaping……The energy was maintained throughout.” The second LTCL Piano Recital Diploma examination attracted such comments from the examiners as: “Playing was neatly articulated……There was some exploration of the shape of the music……An often careful attention to balance prevailed……A sensitivity in the handling of the shaping and shading……An intent to provide connection to the material……Fluency was maintained in this recital……Willingness to engage with the detail of the scores on the whole……The programming explored a range of styles with an order which felt satisfying on the whole.”

The LLCM is nationally and internationally recognised and for the demanding LLCM Piano Recital Diploma (playing for 50 minutes) attracted such comments from the examiners as: “You presented a wide variety of styles and forms from the piano repertory….Had good appreciation of style in articulation and part playing….tempo and rhythmic drive were maintained.” And for the LLCM Piano Performance Diploma such comments from the examiners as: “There was an admirable sense of occasion evident at this Recital – Thorough preparation was also evident – Admirable translation integrity in the performances of the Bach……You maintained ambience well, – with engaged qualities.”

Dr Michael Spacie is also a holder of the DipABRSM Piano Performance Diploma from The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music as well as the ALCM Piano Performance Diploma from The London College of Music at the University of West London, and also the LVCM(Hons) Piano Performance Diploma from The Victoria College of Music, London.

In addition to the aforementioned piano performance diplomas, Dr Michael Spacie is also a holder of the music degrees of BA(Music), MMus, PhD(Music), the latter qualification enabling the title of ‘Dr’. (The term ‘doctor’ has nothing in itself to do with medicine, modern practitioners of which hold the title by custom, not by right. It’s the title of the highest academic degree.) Dr Michael Spacie is also a holder of a raft of Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship diplomas in various facets of music including a postgraduate Fellow Diploma in Music Literacy – Thesis (Music) – FLCM (Fellow of The London College of Music). This diploma is from The London College of Music at the University of West London which is respected worldwide and the diploma is also academically challenging to obtain. A successful thesis (20,000+ words) will reflect good literary style and academic rigour. Both examiners, the senior academic examiner and the chief examiner gave the comments: “An interesting and generally well researched thesis……convincingly done……Thus, on balance, a worthy and generally successful attempt to deal with this fascinating subject.” The London College of Music examinations are nationally and internationally recognised and are unique in the music diploma examination sector in being awarded by a University, i.e. the University of West London. Dr Michael Spacie is also a holder of the FVCM(Hons) in musicology by dissertation and the FVCM(Hons) in composition from The Victoria College of Music, London. Various qualifications are also held from The National College of Music, London, and in addition, the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Music is held from The Independent Contemporary Music Awards. A full list of qualifications appear below:-


Dr Michael Spacie has achieved and is a holder of the following qualifications in music; details as follows:-

Practical Performance Diplomas:-

LRSM (Piano Performance)

LTCL (Piano Recital)

LTCL (Piano Recital)

LLCM (Piano Recital)

LLCM (Piano Performance)

DipABRSM (Piano Performance)
ALCM (Piano Performance)

LVCM(Hons) (Piano Performance)

Academic Diplomas:-

FLCM (Diploma in Music Literacy – Thesis (Music))

FVCM(Hons) (Musicology (by Dissertation))
FVCM(Hons) (Composition)

FNCM (Research (by Thesis))
FNCM (Research (by Thesis))

DASM(ICMusA) (Diploma of Advanced Studies in Music)

LNCM (Composition)

LMusNCM (Theory of Music)

AMusNCM (Theory of Music)

Academic Degrees:-




Teaching Music:-

FNCM (Diploma in Teaching Music)

ANCM (Piano Teacher Diploma)