Singing Tuition

Aspects of the voice and vocal production are explored and discussed with appropriate vocal exercises and songs in various styles used to encourage development in the awareness of singing technique, vocal artistry and the interpretation and understanding of music.

Areas such as breathing technique appropriate to the production of vocal sound, laryngeal function and position, resonance, voice placement, articulation, the manipulation and position of vowels and consonants when singing in addition to other facets of technique for singing are all explored and studied.

Aural work, sustaining and pitching notes in various parts of the vocal range along with a basic understanding of music notation as relevant to singing and following a music score will also be covered in singing lessons. Written notes, exercises and songs will be given to learners during tuition relevant to the topic in hand. It is suggested that students bring a ring-binder A4 file to the lessons in order to have reference to any notes, vocal exercises and songs given to the learner during lessons. Students are also free to make their own notes of facts and aspects discussed and any reminder practice notes in the lesson with the pencil and paper provided.

Learning for fun and pleasure of singing is always encouraged. Learners are helped to blossom and flourish with their interest in singing and music. An introductory lesson is offered in Singing Tuition.

Dr Michael Spacie: Singing Tuition.