Piano Tuition & Singing Tuition

Dr Michael Spacie LRSM LTCL LTCL LLCM LLCM DipABRSM ALCM LVCM(Hons) FLCM FVCM(Hons) FVCM(Hons) BA(Music) MMus PhD(Music). Tuition for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Learner. Highly Qualified and Experienced Music Tutor.

  • Piano and Singing Tuition for Rotherham and Sheffield: testimonials, experience, qualifications.
  • Dr Michael Spacie is a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music.
  • The tutor holds five Licentiate Piano Performance Diplomas: LRSM LTCL LTCL LLCM LLCM.
  • The tutor holds a total of eight piano performance diplomas.
  • The tutor holds both music diplomas and music degrees.
  • The tutor also offers theory of music and singing tuition.
  • The tutor’s work is evident through learner testimonials.
  • Exam courses, all with excellent student results.
  • Non-exam courses and learning for pleasure.
  • Highly experienced teacher and musician.
  • Professional tutor, all levels taught.
  • Genuine enquiries welcome.
  • Face-to-Face lessons.
  • Tutor DBS Checked.
  • Fortnightly or weekly lesson.
  • Absolute beginners are welcome.
  • Advanced musicians are welcome.
  • Tailor-made tuition for all students.
  • Absolute beginner to Grade 8 and Diploma level.
  • The tutor has engaged in professional development.
Piano and Singing Tuition for Rotherham and Sheffield: testimonials, experience, qualifications. Dr Michael Spacie is a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music. Also, Dr Michael Spacie is a Licentiate of Trinity College London and both a Licentiate and Fellow of The London College of Music. Inspiring, specialist and distinctive piano, singing and music theory tuition. An excellent musical learning experience enabling students of all abilities from absolute beginners to aspiring competent musicians to realise and fulfil their creative and musical potential by igniting their passion for music in a friendly, nurturing, vibrant, thriving and excellent teaching environment and atmosphere where learners are encouraged to develop their own musical personality through a positive musical experience where teaching is holistically aimed at the fullest understanding of music by developing musicality, solid technique, artistic interpretation, performance skills, music theory and versatile musicianship. Thus, students attending the teaching practice are helped to develop as well-rounded musicians through imagination and creative engagement with music which can be the springboard into an inspiring musical journey which allows learners to find their own musical expression and musical understanding as each individual develops at his or her own rate and direction of musical progress.

Dr Michael Spacie writes:

“I believe good music teaching is dependent on artistic excellence, skill, passion and knowledge for the subject with a sincere interest in learners and their development as well-rounded musicians.

I welcome students whether absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced musician. I enjoy teaching absolute beginners just as much as teaching intermediate and advanced musicians. Feel free to ring, text or email me if you would like to discuss the tuition, have any queries, or arrange an introductory lesson.”

“It really is absolutely fabulous tuition and a truly great musical experience. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Dr Spacie and I am forever thankful for all he has taught me.”

Martyn Scott