Michael Spacie’s SoundCloud Page

The link at the foot of this page will take you to the SoundCloud page of Michael Spacie. Michael has recorded some music on the organ using the Rodgers 928 Trillium Masterpiece 3-Manual Digital Organ which is installed in the liturgical south choir of Rotherham Minster, South Yorkshire, UK. Michael has intentionally recorded music in various styles to suit most musical tastes, interests and persuasions – all of which can be heard in the Cloud on the link below. Michael has also recorded some piano music using the piano in his home teaching studio. Each item digitally recorded, both organ and piano, was done in one ‘take’ without any technological tweaking. Generally speaking, it is good to have a working knowledge of the piano and organ and also the historic fortepiano, harpsichord and clavichord, especially for playing the music of … read more »

Online Tuition: Teaching Music Remotely

Online remote one-to-one tuition by video call is offered for piano and music theory which presents a different way of teaching lessons which can be rewarding and helpful in learning music. The tutor is well able in teaching remotely both with practical piano work and theoretical study through the use of music theory charts and presentations. Tuition by online remote connection technology is delivered from the teaching studio and can be arranged for adult students or with a parent or guardian in respect of a minor. Please enquire for details of the tuition fee.

Piano and Music Theory Online

Please enquire by telephone, text or email using the details on the Contact page if you are interested in receiving piano and/or music theory lessons online. Piano and music theory tuition of all standards are very successfully taught online as the testimonials which have been emailed to me indicate on the ‘Online Testimonials’ page of this website. I enjoy teaching online and this continues to be successful and musically enriching. Students who have lessons by video call have indicated progress, satisfaction and enjoyment. Online tuition is rewarding and allows the student and tutor to work together towards pianistic, musical and technical progress and awareness. Many aspects are covered such as interpretation; technique; musicianship; musicality; communication; structure; phrase shaping; harmony; voicing; pedalling; rhythm; timing and related issues; expression; musical literacy; artistry; all aspects of the written score; the syle, background and … read more »

Blended Tuition

An entirely free of charge introductory lesson will be given where possible face-to-face in the teaching studio. Students who wish to then begin a course of tuition will be asked to transfer online using remote connective technology, with possibly the occasional face-to-face lesson in the teaching studio, albeit the bulk of tuition will remain and be delivered online as this has been highly successful with students of the teaching practice since the Covid outbreak. Students attending the teaching studio in person for piano and/or music theory tuition will be asked to provide and wear a face mask or secure face covering. Students must use the hand sanitiser provided by the tutor before entering the property and teaching studio. Students are asked not to attend for tuition if any member of their household has tested positive for Covid-19, has Covid-19 symptoms … read more »

Student progress with skilled teaching

I used to have a different piano teacher that wasn’t very good as he never explained anything to me and didn’t teach me how to read the notes. Because of this we decided to try piano lessons with Michael Spacie and I noticed how much better he was than my other one as he explains everything and taught me to read the notes and music. Now I really enjoy my piano lessons and always look forward to them. Alexander Teufel (Student) Susanne Teufel writes: Before Alexander started piano lessons with Michael, he used to go somewhere else. But after 6 months of music lessons he still couldn’t read the music properly and I often had to help Alexander with practising, because he didn’t know how to tackle a piece of music. He got every lesson a new piece for homework, … read more »

Musical Growth and Development – ‘Graceful Harmony’ – South Yorkshire Duo

“I first started having lessons with Mike when I was 7 years old. I am now 15 (at the time of writing this testimonial) and have taken 7 practical exams passing with merit or distinction and 5 theory exams passing with merit or distinction. Mike’s way of teaching has given me a passion for much which I now would like to take into a career. He has encouraged me to become more confident in music and as a person in general. Through Mike’s tuition I have become a pianist at the age of 15 who has had the honour of performing at the Lyceum, the Crucible, various music festivals, live BBC radio performances and composing my own music, and without Mike, none of which would have been possible. I am about to go on to study music at college and … read more »

Learning Music Theory

Many learners have enjoyed the study of music theory and immensely benefited from this in their musical development and progression. In the teaching practice of Dr Michael Spacie, music theory is not ignored but convincingly and successfully taught by Michael who is a highly qualified specialist in music literacy, and, with excellent student results. Music theory is always studied alongside piano studies and also at times with singing studies depending on a singer’s need. It adds an extra skill, which importantly  increases musicianship, musical development, musical awareness, confidence and a greater understanding of music itself, thus in turn, enriching the learner and their experience of music and increasing their musical ability whether that be in performing, composing, improvising or sharing music. “I started off having singing/sight reading lessons with Mike, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which made me far more … read more »

The Teaching Studio

The teaching studio was updated in 2013 and 2014. From an ordinary room, it was transformed into a soundproof customised enclosure housing the piano with further soundproof acoustic material at the rear of the room and covering all available space. This new modernised teaching studio has the added benefit of allowing students the comfort of knowing their lessons are in private and also has the distinct advantage of being able to dedicate this particular space to music-making as well as facilitating the presentation of the teaching practice with an up-to-date studio where sound is contained but by the same token, enhanced and enriched due to some of the products used. Students very much enjoy using the facilities and Michael has made full use of the new teaching studio for his own requirements in preparing for performance diplomas as professional development, … read more »