Megan Holroyd

Several years ago I had a neck manipulation which led to a brain injury through a stem stroke which radically changed the life I now live. My determination for rehabilitation has made me pursue many challenges relearning old skills and learning new ones; not all have been successful, but still rewarding. I have some difficulties with concentration, sound, breath control when fatigued and coordination. My love of music has always helped me to switch off and relax.

I contacted Michael and spoke at length with Sandra his wife. I explained about my brain injury and desire to get better control of concentration, coordination, sound and breath control, having dismissed several things including meditation. Michael contacted me and we discussed my love of music and how it stimulated my thoughts and suggested a trial lesson. Having gained Grade 2 theory 47 years earlier as a child, I felt I could still follow music, so I went along.

I was immediately at ease in the studio, when I became confused we discussed other approaches. I was encouraged to relax and follow the music. I did and the hour flew by. Michael said my difficulties could be worked around, I had the beginnings of a pleasing voice and would I like to continue with lessons. I agreed and couldn’t believe I was singing, a complete novice.

I found Mike’s style of teaching to be a calm and quiet efficient manner, one in which he draws notes out of me that I was unaware of; the technical commentary along with visual expression encourages and does not intimidate: a great confidence builder. By the end of lesson two, Michael was happy to continue teaching me. I look forward to progressing further in my new and very pleasurable hobby.

After receiving tuition from Michael, I gained sufficient confidence to join a choir. For Remembrancetide in 2017, I sang with the soprano section of a ninety voice choir which included seven pieces in Latin. For once, I impressed myself. Without Michael’s expert tutelage, I would never have tried, let alone believed I could ‘hold my own’ at such an important emotional event. I will continue my wonderful, therapeutic, life enriching hobby.

Under Michael’s tutelage, I have passed Grades 3 and 5 in solo singing with a very high mark and also the following music theory exams of Trinity College London:-

May 2016: Grade 3 passed with distinction gaining 97 marks out of 100; Nov. 2016: Grade 4 passed with distinction gaining 90 marks out of 100; Nov. 2017: Grade 5 passed with distinction gaining 95 marks out of 100.

Understanding – Flexible – Patient – Supreme Knowledge and Ability.

Megan Holroyd (Retired Technical Manager for Corporate Clothing)