Below are video performances of music played by Dr Michael Spacie. Included are pieces by composers such as Bach, Walther, Granados and Schubert. The recital begins with the spectacular ‘Italian Concerto’ BWV 971 by J. S. Bach. (Each of the three Concerto movements were recorded in the same evening, but separately for ease of reference and listening.) The Concerto is followed by the exuberant Chorale Prelude on ‘In dulci jubilo’ BWV 729, also by J. S. Bach; this is followed by two other Chorale Preludes. Next is the performance of Schubert’s ‘Marche Militaire Op. 51, No. 1’ which is sympathetically realised bearing in mind the capabilities of the fortepiano contemporary of the time of Schubert; the structure of the piece is ternary (ABA) march form with central trio in contrasting but related keys; the piece culminates with a ‘quasi-orchestral’ tutti given out with enhanced texture. Next, a performance of an impressive array of some keyboard music by little known composers. This is followed with ‘Goyescas No. 4 Qujas ó la Maja y el Ruiseñor’ by Granados and J. S. Bach’s ‘Prelude and Fugue No. 24 in B minor’ BWV 869. To complete this page of music are video performances of Dr Michael Spacie’s 45 compositions for piano. Also, audio recordings of Dr Michael Spacie playing the organ can be heard at:


Michael Spacie on Vimeo