Lynne Owen

I have been having piano lessons from Mike since September 2016 following a friend’s recommendation of his excellent tuition.

After having lessons on and off for many years and not knowing what direction I wanted to go in and feeling insecure about my playing despite the number of years I’d been learning, I was enthralled to experience a great sense of hope and optimism to resume playing the piano after only one lesson with Mike.

Over the next few weeks it became apparent I’d acquired some bad habits but with the supportive, encouraging and skilful way Mike teaches I am gradually starting to address them and my playing is sounding more musical.

Mike is very calm and patient and at times when I’ve attended a lesson after a busy stressful day at work, his perception of my mind state, which affects my performance, would guide the lesson in a way to aid relaxation and focus and being in the ‘here and now’. In other words, Mike is not only excellent at drawing out the knowledge and skill of playing a piece of music but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of it which keeps me stimulated and most of all enjoying playing again.

I would highly recommend him.

Thanks a lot Mike.

 Lynne Owen (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner)