Continuing my piano lessons online was the easiest decision to make whilst Covid-19 restrictions were in place. Understandably, I was curious to see whether they would be as focused and beneficial compared with the face-to-face sessions. From the first lesson I can reassure anyone that online tuition has been excellent, if not better. As Mike has got all the technological equipment ready, it is comparatively the same. Theory is marked and ready to go, being able to share screens whilst Mike teaches, and whilst playing practical pieces Mike still picks up on every improvement and development needed.

I would highly recommend Mike for online tuition due to his organisation, attention to detail and dedication.


Online tuition is a workable and beneficial way of continuing (or beginning) piano lessons. I set up my laptop so that Mike can clearly see the piano keyboard, and he has copies of all the pieces of music that I am working on. He is therefore able to follow each piece as I play it and give very specific corrections and advice about how to improve my performance. His demonstrations are clearly audible and most helpful. As in a face-to-face lesson, Mike’s skill and patience make for a comfortable, enjoyable learning experience; he always knows how far to push so that I am challenged but not overloaded. An advantage of online tuition is that I am using my own piano, and Mike is able to hear how I play my own instrument. I would recommend online piano tuition to anyone who has previously had face-to-face lessons and also to those wanting to try something new.


Dr Michael Spacie writes: “Rachel, a Biomedical Scientist, gained a distinction in her ARSM piano performance diploma taken in November 2019 under my tuition. In 2020, Rachel decided she would like to continue her lessons remotely online which gave rise to an opportunity for me to advise and teach further on matters of technique and interpretation in piano music and the performance of music of various composers and periods of musical history which continue to develop musical understanding and knowledge for Rachel going forward in her musical pathway.”

I enjoy my music lessons with Mike. We have a piano and I was playing lots of different tunes on it, from music I really like. Mike is teaching me now how to do it properly, how to read the music and where to place my fingers on the keyboard. It’s really good and I can now play lots more tunes!


It was around 9 years ago, that I was introduced to Mike. I really wanted to take up piano lessons and so I came across Mike’s website whilst doing an internet search for piano tutors.

I started to have lessons with Mike shortly after contacting him. I enjoyed them very much and I benefitted greatly from his amazing tuition!

Unfortunately, due to work, home and time restraints, I played less and after a few years was unable to carry on with my piano lessons.

Now, 7 years later, my son Adam, has shown a keen interest in music and playing the piano. I didn’t hesitate in contacting Mike to ask for lessons, as I know first-hand how professional he is and how he made me feel at ease.

Adam was 13 and very nervous. He could play many of his favourite tunes by ear and trial and error. However, Adam didn’t understand how to read music and was picking up bad playing habits. I wanted to introduce him to the art of how to play correctly, without him feeling intimidated and being put off from something he loves.

I also wondered how to do this under the current Covid-19 restrictions. Mike fitted the bill perfectly! By using connective technology on our PC, we are able to have lessons remotely and it is just like we are all in the same room!

Mike is such a natural teacher, who manages to get the best from you without you feeling under any pressure. He is very humble and easily adapts to different peoples’ abilities.

I am so pleased that Adam is enjoying his lessons and progressing so well. Especially now that he is being taught by a very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and kind teacher, that is Mike Spacie.

Thank you Mike!


With the onset of the Coronavirus and social distancing issues, my ‘in person’ lessons with Mike had to stop. This was fatal to my progress in learning to play the piano because I need the prospect of a looming lesson to keep me motivated and practising.

Fortunately Mike has set up the online lessons, which in many respects are the same as the ‘in person’ ones. There is still the same level of rigour and support, in reality nothing has really changed. The technology took a little bit of setting up, but it is fine now, in fact, it is becoming second nature to communicate online. I suppose that one of the few benefits of the virus is that it has forced us to catch up with the technology.

Another obvious benefit is lack of the need to drive to the lesson. My lesson is at 4pm on a Friday, so I had to drive there just as the schools were turning out and I had to drive back just as everybody else was turning out. It took about two and a half hours out of my day. Now my investment in time is roughly the half an hour of the lesson. I can be working in the garden, then stop five minutes before the lesson and as soon as it has finished I can be back outside.

My current level of thinking is that I hope Mike continues with the online tuition once the ‘all clear’ is sounded because I think it is the future for me regarding piano lessons.


Dr Michael Spacie writes:

The online tuition will be here to stay and will always run in tandem with face-to-face tuition giving students a choice of learning environment.

Mike’s Online Music Lessons

I have been having music lessons with Mike since September 2018 and since then I feel that I have made great progress with playing the piano and music theory. I have obtained distinctions in music theory Grade 1 and Grade 2 with marks of 99% in each. I was intending to take the Grade 3 exam in May 2020 and was on course to get another distinction, all thanks to Mike’s expert tuition. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus situation the exams were cancelled and I have not been able to go to Mike’s music studio for lessons since mid-March 2020.

I was worried, as it was likely to be some time before I could go out again, that I would fall behind but thanks to Mike’s amazing online lessons that did not happen.

I have a 1 hour lesson every two weeks and I am getting the same high level of tuition as before. I cannot praise Mike enough for what he has done in finding a way to allow people like me to continue with our music tuition.

It is all very straightforward and all set up by Mike. All you need is an ipad or a laptop. If you have not tried an online lesson yet I would certainly highly recommend that you do.


I have had piano lessons with Dr Spacie for over 2 years and during the period of Covid-19 lock down restrictions, they stopped. I was a bit reluctant to start again because I thought it would have been a bit weird doing lessons over a screen, however once started it was fine and was pretty much the same as having normal piano lessons – just over a screen. Due to doing this my piano skills have progressed, and we have now even started to do some piano theory over the computer as well. I recommend this for you to try and even though you may think it will be a bit different it is almost the same as normal lessons.


Having online tuition has been invaluable. It has helped me continue my progression musically and given me a much needed focus.

I would recommend anyone to try online lessons, they are extremely beneficial and very enjoyable.


I brought my old Yamaha keyboard down from the loft in Lockdown 1 and revisited the idea of ‘making a success’ of learning to play a musical instrument in my ‘maturer’ years – something which as a teenager I had never managed to do!

I have hour-long piano lessons with Dr Mike Spacie. I am really enjoying them! I have a fantastic, new 88 key digital piano too!

Lessons are online through connective technology, split between music theory and practical. This remote but structured approach builds on me doing theory work and practise between lessons. There’s plenty of input from Mike. I have learned loads in a short time and this way of working really suits my preferred learning style. A very positive story. I am very happy with how I am getting on with my new interest thanks to Mike.


I have been attending lessons with Mike for almost two years and am currently studying for my Grade 7 Music Theory Trinity College London examination.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, face-to-face tutoring had to stop and my music journey was placed ‘on hold’. At home I feared that my memory would not stand the time away from lessons and that the work completed since I began tuition would need to be revisited. As you can imagine it was great to hear Mike was offering online tuition via video link. I have to say I was a little sceptical that the online sessions would work as well as face-to-face but I should have known Mike better than that.

Professional as ever Mike had prepared everything in advance, the printout sheets that Mike had written that we looked at on the screen and that Mike used as a powerful teaching tool made perfect sense and our first lesson went amazing. I can say with 100% confidence that I gain as much from the online sessions as I would have in person and as always I’m looking forward to the next one.


Hi Mike,

I am enjoying the video piano lessons. I am still learning lots of new things. My favourite is ‘Penguins on Parade’. I am looking forward to doing my next lesson with you. I have been practising lots.


The online tuition is a great service offering a slither of normality in these rather strange times of the Coronavirus crisis. It’s great to be able to continue the Grade 8 Music Theory course and is as fulfilling as face-to-face lessons.


I have a background in music from being a Cathedral Chorister from between the age of 9 and 14. I have always been able to learn music by ear but in my adult years I found myself wanting to learn the piano properly. I found Michael via his website and enquired about lessons. I have been taking lessons via video call and have found them both entertaining and informative. Michael is a brilliant tutor and someone who clearly enjoys what he does. I could not recommend him enough.