Blended Tuition

An entirely free of charge introductory lesson will be given where possible face-to-face in the teaching studio. Students who wish to then begin a course of tuition will be asked to transfer online using remote connective technology, with possibly the occasional face-to-face lesson in the teaching studio, albeit the bulk of tuition will remain and be delivered online as this has been highly successful with students of the teaching practice since the Covid outbreak.

Students attending the teaching studio in person for piano and/or music theory tuition will be asked to provide and wear a face mask or secure face covering. Students must use the hand sanitiser provided by the tutor before entering the property and teaching studio. Students are asked not to attend for tuition if any member of their household has tested positive for Covid-19, has Covid-19 symptoms or has had contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case or is in any other case unwell. In any of these instances, students should consider taking an online lesson by remote connection technology if they are able and wish to do so. Students should not attend for tuition if feeling unwell.

If at all possible, students will be asked to refrain from touching door handles, kitchen surfaces and the like. Any bags and coats to be left on the floor.

Payment for face-to-face teaching is accepted by cash or cheque. Online tuition is bank transfer only. Where possible, students should bring their own pencil and eraser and handle their own music.

If necessary, students should feel free to discuss any issues with the tutor either prior to, or during the course of tuition.

Dr Michael Spacie (Music Tutor)