Student progress with skilled teaching

I used to have a different piano teacher that wasn’t very good as he never explained anything to me and didn’t teach me how to read the notes. Because of this we decided to try piano lessons with Michael Spacie and I noticed how much better he was than my other one as he explains everything and taught me to read the notes and music. Now I really enjoy my piano lessons and always look forward to them.

Alexander Teufel (Student)

Susanne Teufel writes: Before Alexander started piano lessons with Michael, he used to go somewhere else. But after 6 months of music lessons he still couldn’t read the music properly and I often had to help Alexander with practising, because he didn’t know how to tackle a piece of music. He got every lesson a new piece for homework, even when he couldn’t play the previous weeks’ one yet. Since Alexander started with Michael he is coming on heaps. The difference is amazing. Alexander suddenly knows what to do, how to practice and he really enjoys his lessons.

Susanne Teufel (Mother of piano student Alexander Teufel)

Dr Michael Spacie writes: The testimonials above need no additional specific comment from me. However, this is not the first time that I have encountered similar instances; therefore, anyone considering tuition, particularly parents but equally importantly for adults too, should consider in some detail from whom the tuition is given and sought, and the rate of progress – in the case above, very little until joining my teaching practice. World-class first-rate piano performance diplomas achieved and held by me are an essential tool for enabling and facilitating excellent teaching and results, along with parental encouragement and moral support. Alexander now demonstrates a bedrock of musical skill and knowledge that his previous piano teacher was either unwilling or unable to put in place.

Alexander can be heard playing the piano on the Performances page Vimeo Link of this website or from the Vimeo link at the foot of the Piano or Singing Testimonial pages.