Online Music Tuition

Online remote one-to-one tuition by video call is offered for piano and music theory which presents a different way of teaching lessons which can be rewarding and helpful in learning music. The tutor is well able in teaching remotely both with practical piano work and theoretical study through the use of music theory charts and presentations. Tuition by online remote connective technology is delivered from the teaching studio and can be arranged for adult students or with a parent or guardian in respect of a minor.

Piano and music theory tuition of all standards are successfully taught online as the testimonials which have been emailed to me indicate on the ‘Online Testimonials’ page of this website.

I enjoy teaching online and this continues to be successful and musically enriching. Students who have lessons by video call have indicated progress, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Online tuition is rewarding and allows the student and tutor to work together towards pianistic, musical and technical progress and awareness. Many aspects are covered such as interpretation; technique; musicianship; musicality; communication; structure; phrase shaping; harmony; voicing; pedalling; rhythm; timing and related issues; expression; musical literacy; artistry; all aspects of the written score; the syle, background and context of the music; how best to prepare and perform pieces; the interrelationship between musical ideas and musical phrases; the impact of the music; the essentials of good practice with regard to instrumental technique and its application in music; the student’s approach to the instrument and musical development.

Also, music theory is presented with thorough explanations of material and the use of charts etc.. Feedback is regularly given on work competed. Music theory is interesting and fascinating and can be taught successfully to online students by video call.

Furthermore, many students have strong internal motivation and staying power but need the routine of lessons to keep up the momentum. Students also want structured learning, direction on how to practise, specific tips on issues that they may have struggled with and to have enlightened what they don’t know. When playing the piano students use their brain in a different way and thus escape from the stress of work by acquiring a non-work-related skill and hence a great way to de-stress as students find it almost impossible to think about anything else when they are playing which in turn contributes to work-life balance, as once the technique is there, playing a piece of music becomes much more enjoyable and satisfying.

Encouraging a student’s individual musical personality to emerge.

Concentration – Involvement – Fun – Enjoyment – Enthusiasm – Satisfaction

Dr Michael Spacie