Musical Growth and Development – ‘Graceful Harmony’ – South Yorkshire Duo

“I first started having lessons with Mike when I was 7 years old. I am now 15 (at the time of writing this testimonial) and have taken 7 practical exams passing with merit or distinction and 5 theory exams passing with merit or distinction. Mike’s way of teaching has given me a passion for much which I now would like to take into a career. He has encouraged me to become more confident in music and as a person in general. Through Mike’s tuition I have become a pianist at the age of 15 who has had the honour of performing at the Lyceum, the Crucible, various music festivals, live BBC radio performances and composing my own music, and without Mike, none of which would have been possible. I am about to go on to study music at college and university after that. Mike has helped shape my future and I cannot thank him enough.”

Grace Wilkinson

Dr Michael Spacie writes: Grace Wilkinson (pictured on this page) started in my teaching practice as an absolute beginner pianist and has progressed extremely well over the years, now at an advanced level. Grace is the pianist in a piano/voice duo known as ‘Graceful Harmony’ who are well-known and recognised in the South Yorkshire area and have gained media coverage with many performances to their name and credit including the Wentworth Festival.

Grace can be heard playing the piano on the Student Performances page of this website or from the Vimeo link at the foot of any of the Testimonial pages.