Dr Michael Spacie’s SoundCloud Page

The link at the foot of this page will take you to the SoundCloud page of Dr Michael Spacie. (There is also a link at the foot of each of the pages of this website.)

Dr Michael Spacie has recorded some organ music in various styles to suit most musical tastes, interests and persuasions – all of which can be heard in the Cloud on the link below. Michael can lift over-familiar music off the page and create real energy, characterisation and vibrancy with enthusiasm with lots of admirable and delightfully surprising musical moments; moreover, he simply enjoys playing.

Michael has also recorded some piano music using the piano in his home teaching studio. Each item digitally recorded, both organ and piano, was done in one ‘take’ without any technological tweaking per se.

Playing the organ is really great for the development of musicianship. ‘Listening to the building’ is important when performing, and for the performer, using, for instance, such techniques as when to release the keys after they have been played – a sense of ‘legato’ (joining and smooth) and ‘staccato’ (short and detached) help to punctuate phrases and thus articulate sound and, along with tonal colours of registration, communicate convincingly and excitingly with character and musicality and with a sense of humour, enjoyment and fully energised playing that is very much individual in character and musical sense and, which most of all, is alive.

When Michael plays the organ, depending on the style of the music, he often uses both precise written music notation and for some pieces where the style or context permits, advanced improvisational skills; both sets of musical skill are handy to have as an organist and are the hallmark of a creative artist to produce a desired musical result of tonal colour along with energy and vibrancy which can be appreciated both emotionally and intellectually. Knowing how notes and phrases fit together is paramount, along with knowing the scientific rules of music and pattern making with regard to pulse, metre, rhythm, syncopation, motif, variation, development etc.. When improvising, it is important to have some kind of structure, and ideally, a grasp of melodic shape and direction, and also good rhythmic ideas which can be repeated as necessary. This is a good test of musicianship. It is also essential to have an ability to engage and communicate, where music is played with relish, enthusiasm, and is warmly presented for the enjoyment of both the player and the listener – whatever the context of performance.

As an organist, Dr Michael Spacie believes there is always opportunity to demonstrate some vigour, flair and personal style. He is an independent-minded individual with performances that reflect experience, professional distinction and creative passion with versatility.

Dr Michael Spacie specializes in piano and organ playing, theory of music, composition and singing. He teaches piano from beginner to diploma level as well as music theory.