Learning Music Theory

Many learners have enjoyed the study of music theory and immensely benefited from this in their musical development and progression. In the teaching practice of Dr Michael Spacie, music theory is not ignored but convincingly and successfully taught by Michael who is a highly qualified specialist in music literacy, and, with excellent student results. Music theory is always studied alongside piano studies and also at times with singing studies depending on a singer’s need. It adds an extra skill, which importantly  increases musicianship, musical development, musical awareness, confidence and a greater understanding of music itself, thus in turn, enriching the learner and their experience of music and increasing their musical ability whether that be in performing, composing, improvising or sharing music. “I started off having singing/sight reading lessons with Mike, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which made me far more … read more »

The Teaching Studio

The teaching studio was updated in 2013 and 2014. From an ordinary room, it was transformed into a soundproof customised enclosure housing the piano with further soundproof acoustic material at the rear of the room and covering all available space. This new modernised teaching studio has the added benefit of allowing students the comfort of knowing their lessons are in private and also has the distinct advantage of being able to dedicate this particular space to music-making as well as facilitating the presentation of the teaching practice with an up-to-date studio where sound is contained but by the same token, enhanced and enriched due to some of the products used. Students very much enjoy using the facilities and Michael has made full use of the new teaching studio for his own requirements in preparing for performance diplomas as professional development, … read more »

Railway Experience in Signalling

I learnt genuine transferable principles and transferable skills such as self-motivation, problem-solving, initiative, critical analysis, responsibility, accountability, safety, accuracy, focus, precision, procedure, decision-making, prolonged concentration, self-discipline and self-management (all of which are applicable to learning the piano, studying music, and later running a business) through my father gaining permission for me in my teenage years when I was 15, 16, 17 and 18 years of age to accompany him at work in his railway signal box during the summer vacation from secondary school and later sixth-form college and also at times other holidays from secondary school and sixth-form college in preparation for a career on the railway. I also was fortunate enough to experience the workings of other signal boxes through signalmen my father knew. One such signalman was not only good at his job but excellent at providing explanations … read more »