Trevor Staton

I was introduced to music at school and thoroughly enjoyed singing all different kinds of music up to my mid 20s. At this point I had to start earning a living, then I got married and there were children. Singing had to take a back seat to these new responsibilities and I didn’t really sing again for another 30 years. Then as a complete surprise my wife arranged a series of singing lessons for me. I must admit that at first I found the prospect of starting to sing again incredibly intimidating. However, from the first minute of the first lesson with Dr. Spacie I realized what I had been missing for the last 30 years. My voice had changed but that was just part of the fun of beginning to pick up the old skills. Michael is brilliant at making you feel relaxed right from the start, in helping you discover the fun of singing and in helping you to develop the full potential of your voice. I should have done this years ago.

Achievements under the tutelage of Dr Michael Spacie include: Grade 8 Solo Singing, also Grade 5 Theory of Music with Distinction from the London College of Music (awarded by the University of West London). In addition, 146 marks out of 150 for a first level performance diploma in solo singing sat in July 2016 and 142 marks out of 150 for an Associate solo singing performance diploma sat in July 2017.

Trevor Staton (Company Managing Director, Sheffield Refractories)