Sarah Gorman

I attended piano lessons for years as a child but unfortunately life ‘took over’ and I had to stop my tuition. I looked at many different teachers over the intervening years and never found anyone I felt confident in.

Then, I found Dr Spacie’s website. I am incredibly grateful to Dr Spacie for his tuition. I put off contacting him at first, as I was nervous to begin lessons after such a long time, but Dr Spacie immediately dispelled any nerves I had. He is a patient, welcoming and friendly teacher. I am excited to continue learning from him.

Trinity College London Practical Piano Exam successes under the tutelage of Dr Michael Spacie: 93 marks out of 100 for the Grade 2 piano practical exam gaining a distinction and 84 marks out of 100 for the Grade 3 piano practical exam gaining a merit including 10 marks out of 10 for the aural and a comment of ‘excellent’ from the examiner.

Sarah Gorman (School Business Support)

Dr Michael Spacie writes: On the 17th March 2018, Sarah Gorman sat the Trinity College London Grade 2 piano practical exam and gained a distinction with 93 marks out of one hundred with full marks for the sight reading test and also full marks for the third piece that was played. Some of the comments the examiner wrote on the examination report form are as follows:- “The gentle mood of the piece was quickly established….The left hand had steady and even control. This continued into the right hand semiquavers….Notes were balanced and placed with care at the start. The tempo change was managed well. It was stylish with a clear musical personality – well done….This was a full correct reading….A well deserved distinction! I hope you take another Trinity exam.”