Patrick Winston-Jacques

I have always liked music and enjoy a contrasting range of music, appreciating a good performance. Years ago I used to play guitar and sing folk/pop tunes in jam sessions and felt that this early musical involvement gave me a need to sing, and although I am now considerably more mature in years, it is never too late to learn new things.

I realized a need for training and went to Mike for tuition. This has helped to enhance and improve my understanding of music and better able to use my vocal instrument.

Singing is challenging, together with understanding and being aware of the nuances of singing and trying to get good control into the performance. Tuition has also helped me to be aware of aspects that I had previously never thought of. I feel my voice is stronger, the range improved and a fuller sound with a more focussed tone.

I currently sing in two choirs; however, perhaps my ambition and goal would be to perform solo, particularly with some folk music, which I really like.

I have achieved 96 marks out of 100 for Grade 3 practical Solo Singing exam sat in July 2016 and 90 marks out of 100 for Grade 5 practical Solo Singing exam sat in July 2017.

Patrick Winston-Jacques (Social Care)