Mia Singh Venables

I have been taking piano lessons from Dr Spacie for a while now and I look forward to my lesson each week and although it lasts for an hour, it is fun and the time seems to pass so quickly. Dr Spacie is very kind and patient and he is disciplined in how I learn. He is a very good teacher. I enjoy playing the piano and practising at home afterwards.

Below are my music examination achievements with Dr Spacie so far:-

Practical Piano Exams of Trinity College London:

Grade 3: 79 marks out of 100, awarded merit; Grade 5: 89 marks out of 100, awarded distinction.

Theory of Music Exams of The London College of Music and Trinity College London:

Grade 1 (London College of Music): 96 marks out of 100, awarded distinction; Grade 2 (Trinity College London): 99 marks out of 100, awarded distinction.

Mia Singh Venables (Student)

Dr Michael Spacie writes: On the 10th December 2016, Mia Singh Venables sat the Trinity College London Grade 5 piano practical exam and gained a distinction of 89 marks out of one hundred. Some of the comments the senior examiner wrote on the examination report form are as follows:- “The performance was faster than marked, but it was accurate and musically shaped. The RH line was clearly articulated and expressive and balance of sound between the hands was good, with dynamics well observed. Overall, a stylish and assured performance……Another well-voiced performance. Melodic flow was flexible and expressive and performance details were all well observed. Note accuracy was good throughout. A convincing performance……There was good shaping and a sense of forward direction in the phrasing……Very musical playing – well done.”