Dr Natalia Pawlowska

I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano, but for many years I didn’t have a chance. I started lessons with Dr Spacie in April 2015 after a couple of years trying to learn on my own. And what a difference it has made!
Dr Spacie is an amazing teacher. He is friendly and very patient, and allows me to progress at my own pace. The amount of homework is just right, and – being a busy professional – I don’t have any trouble completing it for the next lesson. Lessons are a pleasure to attend. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and Dr Spacie is good at putting me at ease. The advice given is invaluable, and I see my technique improving every week.

There is a lot of emphasis put on music theory. Under Dr Spacie’s guidance it finally makes sense to me, and it is a pleasure to study. In fact I am looking forward to doing more music theory exercises, and preparing for my music theory exams.

I have achieved Grade 3 Trinity College London Theory of Music exam, passing with Distinction: 95 marks out of 100.

Thank you Dr Spacie!

Dr Natalia Pawlowska (Hospital Specialty Registrar)