The Tutor

Dr Michael Spacie holds extensive and highly recognised qualifications in music including prestigious piano performance diplomas – an essential indicator of any musician’s performing and communication skill. Having recognised letters after a tutor’s name undoubtedly adds an important dimension to that tutor’s grounding, standing and status within their home town as well as further afield. It is so important not just for advanced students but moreover for absolute beginners and intermediate students to receive tuition from a high calibre instrumental tutor who is a highly skilled performer in the instrument they teach and world-class first-rate recognised piano performance diplomas are solid evidence of this enabling a tutor to lay secure foundations in instrumental technique and musical artistry even to the learner who is an absolute beginner which is so crucial to the lasting enjoyment, satisfaction, furtherance and development of the instrumental and musical learning of the student. Dr Michael Spacie has accrued 32 years of experience in successfully teaching music on all levels: absolute beginner, foundation, intermediate, advanced, further advanced (Grades seven and eight) and performance diploma. The tutor also holds a number of academic diplomas in music enabling expertise and fluency in teaching theory of music on all levels with excellent results. Furthermore, the tutor holds degrees in music on Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral levels with a vast knowledge of music.

The Tuition

  • Tuition is given in the tutor’s modern & comfortable dedicated teaching studio at 63 Hall Road, Moorgate, Rotherham S60 2BW
  • Lessons are given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in both the afternoon and the evening
  • Hourly or half hourly lessons are given with flexibility of either fortnightly or weekly sessions
  • Twenty four hours’ notice is required to cancel a booked piano or singing lesson
  • Less than twenty four hours’ notice (i.e. a cancelled lesson on the same day it is due to take place) will incur the full lesson fee being payable


  • The tuition fee is the same for all levels and standards
  • Learners do not have to commit to a specific or stated number of music lessons
  • Payment is by cash or cheque at the preference of the student, parent or guardian
  • No money will ever be requested in advance, payment is due at each music lesson

Please enquire for details of the tuition fee.

Thank you for your interest in Michael Spacie Music Tuition.

Introductory Lesson

An introductory lesson is easy to arrange. It is offered to all prospective students and without obligation to continue with further tuition. The introductory lesson is an important initial step in the decision to pursue tuition.

After the introductory lesson, the student will be much better informed as to what is involved and will have more knowledge of their chosen subject whether that be piano or singing. For an absolute beginner, a piano student will begin to read simple music notation, have a basic aural awareness, understand music and play basic pieces at the introductory lesson and a singer’s voice is usually improved at the end of the introductory session through an increased understanding of the basics of singing technique and musicianship.

It is understandable that a prospective student will be somewhat anxious and a little nervous at attending an introductory lesson, but as some of the student testimonials indicate on this website, every effort is made to put the student at ease and to help the student realise that learning music can be fun as well as challenging. A parent or guardian is welcome and encouraged to attend the introductory lesson with a young person. There is seating for one accompanying adult in the teaching studio.


If you require further information or would like to arrange an introductory lesson, please feel free to telephone 01709 368134, or ‘phone or text 07757 364485, or email using the contact page of this website. All bona fide enquiries are very welcome from people that are genuinely interested in learning to play the piano or learning to sing.

  • Dr Michael Spacie is helpful, friendly, approachable and always willing to assist people who want to learn music. He has a clear, calm, repetitive, encouraging, friendly and steady paced teaching style producing musical outcomes. Please feel free to contact him regarding piano lessons, music theory lessons or vocal coaching. He is happy to help explore the musical requirements and potential of others and to guide them with appropriate knowledge and understanding through a rewarding musical journey.